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Willowby Cube- White

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Our awesome little Willowby cube has a 70’s vibe & more uses than you can poke a stick at. Hold on tight, the list is long. It can be a handy little side table with a magazine rack, a bedside table, a footstool. An extra seat for that unexpected guest (same seat height as a standard chair).

Use them in multiples – create your own larger sized coffee table by grouping a few together.

Note: Due to the way we have designed the Willowby Cube with the support wires running along the bottom, they can collect leaves and moisture when left outside for long periods of time. I leave mine outside & live with the consequences, however, to keep them sweet & living longer, read & follow the care instructions on our ‘about’ page.

Being an all-time Ico Traders favourite, the Willowby Cubes are available in all Ico colours, if you can’t find the exact colour you want we can arrange to have them custom powder coated for you.

Measures 36W x 36D x 44cmH